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Portraits + Groups + Animals + Buildings + Image Photos + Landscapes

Ich bin ein leidenschaftlicher Fotograf und Drohnenpilot und lege viel Wert auf Perfektion in Bildqualität, Perspektive und Ausschnitt. Meine persönlichen Lieblingsmotive sind Porträts und Landschaften. Als professioneller Fotograf biete ich eine Vielzahl an Leistungen für Sie.

Why me?

At best illumination

I do my shots just when the lightening is perfect.


I do not only great captures, I am able to enhance them further by post processing.

Perfect equipment

I use the most advanced cameras and lenses for any purpose.

ultra hd

My drone captures are done in 4K 60 FPS.

Special perspective

I choose angle, cutout and postprocessing to present the object in its best.

Highest Quality Print

You can order your pictures in any size and format (up to A0) and have them printed in best quality.

Individual Photo Session
€ 169.-
Peaople and animals
At lest 1 hour of shooting
Professional post processing of the pictures (up to 12 photos)
Print of the photos in format 10x15cm, optional up to 420x594cm possible
All photos on digital media
Choose yourself object (portrait, group, children, baby, animals) and location
Buildings outside and inside
€ 209.-
Business- or private property
1 hour on site shooting
Drone and classic photos from building and surroundings
Interior captures using high end lenses
Post processing of pictures (retouch, adaption to already existing material,...)
Printing of pictures in format 10x15, optional up to 420x594cm possible
All photos on digital media
Web Design
By arrangement
New implementations and maintenance
If you want more than a modular building block website. we offer you:
Detailed and professional transformation of your idea to responsive design
Competent implementation of effects, functions and media deployment
Optimization of website responsiveness
Price by arrangement
Photo Workshop
€ 159.-
Basics of professional photography
Benefit from my experience
We show you the right usage of camera and lenses
Depending on your interests landscape-, portrait-, building or macro photography
Post processing of the raw file using common tools
Workshop Post Processing
€ 159.-
Grundlagen der Bildbearbeitung
We show you by the use of common post processing tool like Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop or gimp the steps from RAW to optimized picture
Isolated processing of different picture areas
HDR pictures and merging of multiple RAW files
Automatization and Scripting of post processing tasks


“For my Internet presence I needed a series of portraits of Yoga poses. All picture were of highest quality and innovative at the same time (drone shots of Yoga poses!). For the post processing I could define the exact stile. A moody background was important and the location directly at hellmutziller .com was the perfect place for this“

Florine Ohlhauser

Passionate Yoga Teacher
“helmutziller.com is in charge of our website now for 2 years and I am very pleased by his work. I get all services from one hand, pictures in high quality as well as adjustments, tracking and SEO on our website. And this on shorest notice."

Bernward Köhle

“helmutziller.com did portraits of my daughter, me and our dog. In relaxed atmosphere it was completed within one hour. Already two days later I got the pictures in a quality which superseded all my expectations.”

Benni Falbesoner

Tunnel Construction Specialist
“helmutziller.com simply produces the best photos. Especially important for us are drone captures, which show our hotel, apartment building and outdoor facilities in the right perspective. Also the interior pictures - a dream - perfect lenses and professional post processing“

Irene Scheiderbauer


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